其實 說穿了只是失去了方向而已 不小心把自己給弄丟了 四周圍的一切頓時就好像失去了它們的意義 我為了什麼來這裡? 哪裡是我要去的目的地? 明明就是快樂的樂曲 聽起來卻是令人哀傷的不能自己 然而你知道 其實說穿了只是失去了方向感而已 我想不起來 自己究竟是為了什麼來這裡的?

"What seemed to be so close had become so far away..."

四月的風吹過陰暗的天空 屋頂上的爬藤植物隨著風輕輕的搖擺 沒有人知道爬藤植物心裡究竟再想些什麼? 是快樂的 是悲傷的 或者它渴望從這一刻起 風停止這樣的吹動 我 希望風停止這樣的吹動屋頂上的爬藤植物 迎著風左右的搖擺 它甩的讓我失去了方向 明明是快樂的樂曲 聽起來竟像死亡的樂章

And for a second there in this cloudy day of April, my inner voice came to me...

"Why are you here?" she said
"I don't know..." I stumbled with my utterly words.
"Were you not happy?" she asked
"I supposed I was not unhappy"
"Then why?"
"I don't know"

Have you? Have you ever had this kind of feeling where no one, and I do mean NO ONE, knows there's a hole within one's self. Emptiness and darkness may fill you. You're neither sad or happy. Just, Just don't know or perhaps unsure of who you are and where you're from, where might you be going, or whom will come with you. Have you?

Somehow I just know and I knew you would. I knew you would be there when I breakdown in tears. And I knew there's a place for me within you where I can seek for comfort. But what I didn't know was that when emptiness and uncertainty fulfills, people can be so fragile and feeling so useless.

To you, my dear..what was hiding in the shadow will become bright and clear. What was lost will always be found. I promised you love and forever it will be. I promised you happiness and happiness there will be. I promise! In time, what was lost will ALWAYS be found.

But until than, somehow I just know I'll be quite alright underneath your arms..Thank you for you..:)


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