Dec 3, 2016

To Begin, again

I know this is really early but I have to say 2016 is really one of my best year so far. It's been a while since I post anything on this website. It's actually very difficult to sit down nowadays and not feel guilty about sitting. Writing, requires time. Once start, it's not that difficult at all to begin. But the most troublesome of all thing is "to begin". To begin at some point at some time.

Looking back from the time I last post article, I was in the process of getting myself ready for Machu Picchu trip. And I did. It is by far the best trip of my life upon till this point of time. A four day trekking of total 43 km long.  We camp, we walk again. Life was simply in the mountain. No cellphone receptions, No TV to watch, No electricity or hot shower. As life return to its primitive state, you start to appreciate things a little more and a little deeper.

Second day was in deed the hardest. Mostly ascending trail with steps. To make matters worse, two days prior to my Machu Picchu trip, I came down with food poisoning requiring medical attentions. First day trekking, I started to panic a little. Having to carry extra water weight in my body did not help the situation either. After making it through the first day, I worried that I wouldn't be able to make it through the trip and might even have to turn back before it's too late.

I was stubborn as I've always been. My tour guide suggested we leave the camp early to get a head start from the group. Since then, everyday I would wake up 4:30am to get myself ready to head out to trek by 5am. I load myself up with Coca leaves in coffee, protein bar and some light snack every morning before I head out. From there on, every day we would walk towards my goal. I wasn't going to give up. Nope. Never. I just kept going. Finally, by second day after we've reached the dead woman's pass, I broke down with tears of joy.

The most amazing feeling that you've came this far to reach your goal and you can almost taste it, seeing it in front of your own eyes. you can almost touch it with your own hands. That, was the BEST day of my life. Knowing there is nothing in this world that I can not do. I was thrilled.

Everything else afterward just happened naturally. It was a point of no return. The only way down through that mountain is to just keep moving forward towards Machu Picchu. Third day we walked the longest distance and again, I left the camp before dawn, before anyone else wakes up. My tour guide and I travel in dark. We talk sometimes but mostly I can hear my own breathes. My heart pounding and sometimes I would even have to stop and catch up with my breathing. It wasn't easy now that I look back. But it wasn't hard either. Because there are more difficult things in our lives.

So, you see. My time wasn't wasted. Oh No. If anything, this has been the most productive year I ever had. As we approach the end of 2016, I'm aiming to write more, have more posts on my blog.  "You write well." my friends told me.  It wasn't easy. Writing wasn't easy to begin. It almost feels like peeling an onion. You go through layer and layer of what sits inside of you, but in the meantime, those unpleasant memories also surface. They are the darkness within the light. If not carefully handle, how easy it is to become darkness itself.

With that said though, I'm going to aim for putting out more posts.
To begin, again.